Our organization works with schools in promoting salmon education in the classroom. Under the
Salmonids in the Classroom program, we provide fertilized eggs to participating classrooms in
Langley School District elementary schools. Our organization has been involved with schools
since 1992.

Students can visit our hatchery to release the fry they raised in the classroom into our stream
typically in April. Teachers can arrange  a tour of the hatchery operation
and the stream area. Students have the opportunity to learn how salmon are raised in a working
hatchery and to observe their life cycle in a natural stream setting.

If you are a teacher of a class participating in the Salmonids in the Classroom program and
would like to book a date and time for a guided tour and fry release, please contact us at

If you are a teacher who has not previously been involved in the Salmonids in the Classroom
program and would like to learn more, please visit the website

Schools that have been involved in the program in recent years:
Alex Hope
Alice Brown
Dorothy Peacock
Fort Langley
Gordon Greenwood
James Hill
James Kennedy
Kings School
Langley Christian
Langley Fine Arts
Langley Fundamental
Langley Meadows
North Otter
R. C. Garnet
West Langley