Nicomekl Hatchery


Volunteer Opportunities at Nicomekl Hatchery
Embrace the Chance to Make a Difference in Salmon Conservation!

We are always looking for volunteers/members and no important skills are required just the hope that you find something uplifting in helping improve salmon stocks in the Nicomekl River system. However we are always wanting people with trades that can be used in maintenance of our 5 acre facility so if you are interested and have spare time or recently retired come on down to the hatchery where we would be pleased to give you a tour and introduce you to various members.

There are two memberships available and due by December 30th. Single is $40/year. Family is $60/year. This membership gives you liability insurance when working outside the hatchery on different projects as well as ATV insurance if you own one.

Ready to make a real impact in salmon conservation? Join the Nicomekl Hatchery family today! Whether you’re skilled in trades or simply have a passion for environmental stewardship, your contribution is invaluable.