The Hatchery In Operation

Check out the photos and videos below to see the hatchery in operation including the team harvesting and cleaning eggs, salmon holding tubes and pond, the first chum salmon home and more!

And see us in action below:


The Returning Salmon

See our work where we loaded rods into the dam area and where we capture returning salmon below.


Construction at the Nicomekl Hatchery

Major efforts this year included the construction work to replace the 18” culvert which had collapsed with a 36” one donated by Langley Concrete and excavator work donated by Bill Clemas at Michael Brooks to create a new spawning area for returning Chum salmon. The gravel and rock donated by Fraser Pacific and Mainland Gravel were used for the reconstruction of roadway over the new culvert in Michael’s brook.

Check out the photos below to see the progress of the roadway and new culvert.


The Work We Do

The NES strives to not only raise and release salmon, but to also improve their habitat, and to increase public awareness as well as involvement. As such we have a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Broodstock capture
  • Juvenile salmon rearing and release
  • Habitat restoration, both in the river and along its banks
  • Public Events and Shows
  • Construction and Design
  • Government Committees and Hearings
  • Tours and Information Sessions

See Us In Action

Watch our work in action.